12 Strangest Medical Conditions

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Demo and more details


Demo and more details

iMedica is probably the most comprehensive & feature rich WordPress theme that’s made for medical organizations. Responsive code, retina ready graphics, lightweight framework and very flexible structure makes it outstanding.

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Narrated by: Darren Marlar

"Ossuary 7 – Resolve" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Thanks for watching!
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Demo and more details



  1. Dinu cv disse:

    ok enough youtube for this year !!

  2. The King disse:


    is that squidward’s house?

  3. Owen Hawk disse:

    not to be mean or anything but that is a real life minecraft villager 6:00

  4. Sophie Vincent disse:

    I have trichotillomania

    • Hytura disse:

      I have it too somewhat, it developed from a number of reasons, each reason
      sort of corresponding to each location I pull hair from.

      Eyelashes- I used to have really bad eczema on my eye lids, and from that
      time I developed the habit of rubbing my eyes too much if they felt even
      slightly itchy. I realised I could relieve some of the irritation if I just
      pulled at my eyelashes slightly.

      Eyebrows- I’m too lazy to pluck them properly, so I just try to casually
      remove any loose hairs I come across.

      Hair- I’ve started becoming really annoyed whenever I find loose hairs on
      stuff; clothes, bed sheets, furniture, something about it just annoys me.
      So every now and then I run my hands through my hair to remove any loose
      ones, allowing me to control where they fall out.

      Nose- My nose randomly gets itchy inside the nostrils, and I’ve discovered
      that just pulling at the hairs is the least conspicuous way of relieving

      Chin- I had one or two thick hairs on my chin after a certain point in
      puberty. It wasn’t so bad, I’d pluck them then be done with it. But after I
      first tried using hormonal birth control at age 20 the number of chin hairs
      increased, enough that if I ran my hand over it I could feel them easily,
      and I hate them with a passion. They’re the only sort of hair I
      intentionally try to remove while they’re still rooted.

    • kellyisakitten disse:

      Me too 🙁

    • Sophie Vincent disse:

      +Hytura yea, I don’t think that’s trichotillomania. With trichotillomania,
      you can’t control it. It’s like an OCD or something, like an itch in your

    • Hytura disse:

      +Sophie Vincent Is it specific to removing hair or dislike of hair in

    • Halle Baldwin disse:

      Me too, I give my support

  5. Mei Sakarai (Yandere Girl) disse:

    I have tricitelomania or however you spell it.

  6. Titanic21 disse:

    Those guys are poor…

    And we are despairing when there’s a pimple on our nose…

  7. Halpin2006 disse:

    Bark Skin Disease is something I have never seen before. Not just unusual,
    but truly makes you look like some Harry Potter character. Quite bizarre!

  8. Emapple123 disse:

    The thumbnail was so satisfying for some reason 😂😂

  9. TEMMIE disse:

    Omg the old guys are ugly

  10. Starco Fan disse:

    I kinda chew my nails, bite my lips but I don’t do the ripping your hair
    out of your scalp no sir no

  11. Jim Knopf disse:

    I’m never using the internet again

  12. XxX_Hønawa_ _Mitzu_XxX disse:

    The number ten is like a chewbacca cancer .-.

  13. VideoStar Girls disse:

    kaylee hallko

  14. zanechylde disse:

    I feel extremely sorry for anyone who has to go through any of these
    conditions. God Bless, and know that there’s always others wishing the best
    for you.

  15. Support4MySingers disse:

    Lucky the teeth one was number 1! I only watched this to see that and was
    getting angry thinking the picture-still was just to get views!

  16. Dennis Whitaker disse:

    I have a heart murmur…. no? not comparable? ok…

  17. ParalyzedBlobfish disse:

    wow i have number 2… the only thing i don’t do that he said is pull out
    the hair on my head. that’s right, i pull out hair in other places……

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