Breast Tissue Biopsy (2008)

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Demo and more details


Demo and more details

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UPDATE 4/6/15: Watch the updated version of this animation!

This 3D medical animation shows several methods of breast tissue biopsy procedures including: needle biopsy, stereotactic core biopsy, ultrasound-guided core biopsy and surgical biopsy.


Demo and more details



  1. Crashbandicoot701 disse:

    I am 14!!!

  2. FLipCUp disse:

    Oh HELL no!!

  3. TheAnnieBabii disse:

    can your breast size decrease after you have a surgical biopsy on you

  4. Dalia Abdulla disse:

    looks scary =/ is “Freezing” the breast concidered a local anesthesia? if
    anyone has done it, do you feel anything during the procedure? will there
    be a scar left after surgery?

  5. JermHD disse:

    I was in the ER for a high fever and a woman in the room down the hall from
    me had this procedure done and I never heard anyone yell so loud in agony
    and I’ve witnessed child birth o.o

  6. luv dior disse:

    Its not painful at all I had a ultrasound guide biopsy done today and rode
    the train home …stop trying to scare people

  7. MsJoanbabe disse:

    Really? You didn’t feel the pain at all but you should feel the pressure on
    the breast right? I’m going to have one soon and i’m a little scared =/

  8. mandisa manzikala disse:

    Same I want to be a doctor to and I’m the same age

  9. cleoo2010 disse:

    Very Informative. My OBGYN found a lump during a routine exam I had a few
    years back and after trying to go in with a needle several times and
    examine it via ultrasound, I still had to have a biopsy. The surgery wasn’t
    all that bad, I wasn’t even too sore afterwards. You don’t take chances
    when it comes to this sort of thing, especially when you have a history on
    both sides of the family, like I do. I’m just glad it turned out to be

  10. Brittany Lawson disse:

    I may have to have a biopsy on Friday. First I have an ultra sound. Im a
    little nervous.

  11. Audrey Tan disse:

    Is the surgical biopsy painful?

  12. Biriba Bi disse:

    No beacause you are under total anesthetic. I have done this kind of biopsy
    … I am a Breast Cancer survivor !!!!

  13. Yesenia Valdivia disse:

    I have a large painful lump and i may just have it all removed at once to
    not deal with constant surgery if it IS cancer. I’m only 16 so this is
    kind-of difficult to deal with :/

  14. Dorito Warrior disse:


  15. Andreus Primulus disse:

    sorry, i got an erection *blushes*

  16. Shannett Lawson disse:

    I had it done today and its was fine. I didn’t feel no pain when they was
    doing it. But it hurts after they done -_- but you be fine after

  17. clint christopher disse:

    None of these procedures are painfull because u will be given anesthesia
    before needle insertion and whole other steps like ultrasound and
    mammography are painless — am a biomedical engineer working on hologic
    mammography and breast biopsy machines and ultrasound’s

  18. Jenny D disse:

    I got one of these done today! 

  19. mina4candy disse:

    I’m 17 & got the ultra sound guided core biopsy half an hour ago and u
    don’t feel ANYTHING trust me don’t worry

  20. skeeter roof disse:

    I have stage 3

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