Kennedy Assassination Medical Sculpture of wounds

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Demo and more details


Demo and more details

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This is the Documentary that explains the JFK Assassination and what really did and did not happen. There was no Crime because they were acting. The Eye witnesses are all related. This is the only video you will ever need to view to know enough of the facts to conclude it was a HOAX.

GOTO to learn about the HOAX.

The book again are HIGH TREASON and THE KILLING OF A PRESIDENT (amazon used for around $120)
The video we did was JFK the Case For Conspiracy


This is a follow up to my first video. I was asked to add more details and to address a few questions pertaining to the sculpture and my knowledge of the assassinations events. I was the Illustrator for Robert Grodens High Treason and The killing of a President. I also produced JFK The Case For Conspiracy Documentary with Robert. Feel free to comment and ask questions. All I ask in return is to please Subscribe to my channel.

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Demo and more details



  1. dallasgoldbug disse:

    My latest documentary JFK Assassination Exposed Part 2 Sect 1
    JFK Assassination Exposed Part 2 Sect 2 MISSING ESSENTIALS Don’t Miss This!
    JFK Assassination Exposed Part 2 Sect 3

    • dallasgoldbug disse:

      +Bill Walton Coming from a Walton…How’s that sister of your Diane Disney
      or Christy Walton AKA Carol King doing these days after I outed them. OH I
      forgot, they aren’t on the Board anymore. hahahahWho says my words don’t
      have any effect on the opposition? hahah

    • dallasgoldbug disse:

      +Marc Bell I know. For you its a way of life and a business that you will
      be without more and more each day as people see my evidence and then hold
      those who protect the lie accountable.

    • jsn Sonny disse:

      +dallasgoldbug why would the powers do a hoax of Kennedy’s murder what’s
      the point of it ? ?

  2. Hunter Ziegelmann disse:

    5:34 im pretty sure is the front windshield.
    And at 6:23 exit wound would be larger then the entry considering that open
    base full metal jacket projectiles that were fired, you can see this in
    some videos of people shooting various hard exterior/soft interior objects
    e.g. coconuts, watermelons, ect.
    Example of some rounds similar to what oswald probably
    used:/watch?v=w_R8leYtEjg Original surplus italian 6.5mm carcano from 1936.
    This video shows the ‘clunkiness/unwieldiness” of a Carcano rifle :
    The 6.5mm mannlicher-carcano rifles had a distinctive report. As another
    objective piece of information, anyone still alive that witnessed the
    assasination in person could confirm that they heard something similar to
    this: /watch?v=80pRECh4RCg
    As for it’s alleged accuracy problems, with proper ammo (like the surplus
    oswald probably would have had) this is how accurate they are:

    As always I am a skeptic of the skeptics.

  3. jimmy lamarre disse:

    damn his head looks like a shark took a chunk of it

  4. dallasgoldbug disse:

    My latest documentary
    JFK Assassination Exposed Part 2 Sect 2 MISSING ESSENTIALS Don’t Miss This!
    JFK Assassination Exposed Part 2 Sect 3

  5. lizette lussier disse:

    Video taping someone looking/flipping thru a book doesn’t work. I cannot
    tell what what you are looking at.

  6. Maglioso Jones disse:

    Damn Fancy Shootin’!

  7. Jay Dee disse:

    I agree that the shot in the throat is an entrance wound. This is the
    strange part because how can a shot from anywhere to the right or the left
    hit him in the front of the neck. If there was an angle like from the
    grassy knoll than the shot would have exited on an angle and possible hit
    jackie. But many claim that the shot from the book depository was the one
    that hit him in the back and came out of the throat. This also does not
    make sense because the trajectory if it went in the top of his back would
    never be able to come out of the throat. Just find the spot on you back and
    think of the height of the 6th floor and the angle and you will see that if
    a shot hit him from behind it would have come out his chest in the center
    in between his Pectoral and lodged in the Cervical Vertebrae. The head shot
    came through the front windshield and you notice that when the head shot
    occurs, the driver turns front and lowers himself a bit possibly because
    the bullet just went past his face, not to far away. That shot was probably
    taken from the bridge ahead somewhere. Or if it did come from the back, the
    theory that one of the secret service agents accidentally who had an ar15
    or some semi automatic weapon when it hit the breaks or sped up which sent
    the agent who you can see is holding it with one hand. Or its not an
    accident and the agent was in on it. Kennedys car does slow down and both
    agents in the front are looking back. They see the President in distress
    but they slow down, instead of get him out of there. They dont take
    chances. No such thing and they would have reacted. As soon as the head
    shot occurs, the driver ducks a bit and speeds away. All I know and would
    bet almost anything on is that the throat shot and head shot came from in
    front of JFK and maybe a story or two up like on the bridge or it could be
    level from behind or the umbrella man who said he was there to protest with
    an open black umbrella in that sunny clear day. This was a protest against
    Kennedys father who is no longer in the spotlight. lol That excuse makes no
    sense and protesting something and in a way that JFK had no idea what it
    was or what it meant, is a ridiculous excuse. The problem is the trajectory
    and dont let these so called experts tell you its possible. Just research
    the pictures of the body and the bullet holes, then all the contradictory
    evidence given by witness’ you will see that its just not possible that the
    angles do not match up especially the throat shot and head shot came from
    much lower.

    • Paul glas disse:

      +Jay Dee By the almost frontal headshot, (lets say, from two a clock)
      strikess the head back, whereby a part of the skull on the backside of the
      car landed. That part was never landed on the backsite of the car when that
      shot came from behind.
      I also believe that the bullets were prepared. For the headshot thy used.
      is a very powerful wapon.
      And what about the use of a silencer
      Lee ostwald is used, but was also used for the distraction.
      And he had to die quickly, before more discovered.
      Jack ruby knew that he was deadly sick, so, the time in prison would
      possibly not for long.

  8. Torrey Ellison (Highgear1) disse:

    This is the first time ive heard about a 2nd shooter on the 6th floor

  9. 7071t6 disse:

    Well done, except for the massive hole on the top of his head, the scalp &
    hair would have been still attached to his head, the only part the DRs at
    parkland seen was the blow out to the back of his head & Paul O’conner said
    that the head wound was so massive that he did not remove jfk’s brains
    because there was no brain to be removed, yet it was his job at Bethesda
    hospital to do that job at the autopsy ? So basically the DRs at Bethesda
    hospital did a massive alteration of jfk’s head wound to make it look like
    1 bullet did all the damage to the head of jfk, yet even Paul O’connor said
    that same thing as what the DRS at Parkland hospital seen, but at Bethesda
    it was all altered after the fact & Jerrod custor who took the x rays said
    the the Hole on jfk’s head was so massive that he could put both hands or
    fist in, so basically they took out jfk’s brains so no bullet tracks could
    be seen & than x rays were done & Jerrod said he seen Jackie come into the
    Bethesda hospital & yet he already did the X rays of jfk’s skull & even was
    told to stick bullet fragments onto jfk’s skull & X ray his head again ?
    also if you look at the official autopsy photos, no damage to the back of
    jfk’s head or the top of his head & then you see totally different photos
    which has jfk on his back with photos of what the tops of jfk’s head looks
    like & yet you can see the top part of the brain tissue in the photo as
    well, totaly altered all the photos to just make it look like jfk was shot
    from behind full stop. great work through with the cast. :)

    • dallasgoldbug disse:

      Well that’s not exactly what Paul told me in his office.

    • 7071t6 disse:

      +dallasgoldbug Well he said on a VHS copy of the men that killed jfk & also
      other interviews done for TV shows or VHS Doco’s ? So did you put Paul on
      the record, meaning did you tape him or was it a face to face interview but
      did not tape him via camera ?

  10. Lonny Rabalais disse:

    Fantastic job dude! By far one of the best explanations I’ve seen !

  11. larry mansfield disse:

    I wish I could’ve heard all the audio in this vid.

  12. D whozit disse:

    My guess is you weren’t born yet in 1963.

  13. Carole Dowie disse:

    The second shot hit JFK on his back, exited through his throat and then hit
    Governor Connally. This video is incorrect.

  14. bantoot1 disse:

    what is the book you are using?

  15. James Vaught disse:

    Here’s the crucial thing about the “shot from the front” story line that
    proves it’s all BS. Shooting from the grassy knoll, as most of the
    conspiracy stories allege, there is no way a bullet could have been fired
    that would have proceeded from the front through to the back of the head,
    unless you somehow had a gun that would fire a bullet that would curve to
    the left and then go straight. This simple fact is ALWAYS overlooked by
    the conspiracy crowd. A bullet fired from the grassy knoll would have hit
    the right side of the President’s head and exited on the left side, almost
    certainly hitting Jackie.

  16. BADD1ONE disse:

    90s x file tv show the smoking man tells Mulder he killed JFK from the

  17. Glenn Davis disse:

    That’s nothin, I made a paper mache medical sculpture of Gov Connally’s
    wounds showing a 3 foot hole where his heart was. He was shot exactly 27
    times in 6 seconds. That is a scientific fact proven by pictures taken the
    next day of him in his recovery room.

  18. David Hall disse:

    Why just after 6:30 do you imply a exit wound is smaller than an entry
    wound ? The exit is always much larger due to a bullet mushrooming

  19. Eric 420 disse:

    It was 2011 using books? :D

  20. Lasseown disse:

    Many shots took place, just to make sure that jfk got killed. Unlucky for
    Oswald, he got caught, because he was a “patsy” which means “A person
    easily taken advantage of, cheated, blamed, or ridiculed.” he said he was a
    patsy by himself. which means that probably CIA was with him and lured him
    to shot kennedy with them, and then they escaped easily and they made sure
    that Oswald was caught and blamed him for the assisination.. Of course it
    was a inside job, because if it was a lone gunman or a team of 2-3 persons,
    they would have caught them too, and they would find out how it really

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