Medical ASMR – Complete Physical Examination Part One

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Demo and more details


Demo and more details

iMedica is probably the most comprehensive & feature rich WordPress theme that’s made for medical organizations. Responsive code, retina ready graphics, lightweight framework and very flexible structure makes it outstanding.

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Demo and more details



  1. sehun is my dad disse:

    “It’s nice to know I’m symmetrical”

  2. Dan Ingram disse:

    That look of utter betrayal at 12:38 gets me every time.

  3. Sentrydown disse:

    He looks like the nicest guy you could ever meet.

  4. Don Banks disse:

    It’s like if Dustin Hoffman, al Pacino and Robert de Niro all combined into
    one smart alecky rebel who plays by his own rules

  5. TheMeJustMe75 disse:

    I keep expecting him to randomly say “I like unicorns” or “I have to make

  6. Hockey Goalie disse:

    At 14:09 he’s like I’m a giraffe

  7. J JO disse:

    He looks confused. Like he stepped out of a time machine from the 1700s.

  8. John Costello disse:

    he looks like a carrott

  9. MrBannnnnny disse:

    There is more sexual tension in this vid than two cats in heat in the same

  10. MrBannnnnny disse:

    15:48 mr. Allen gets smashed and it feels good

  11. Vermillion V1LE disse:

    He looks like Robert deniro and Ben stiller combined!!

  12. charlottedunn xo disse:

    12:38 she just triggered a trauma flashback

  13. Big Boss disse:

    Lady: I’m gonna touch you
    Patient: O.O
    Lady: With a sharp object
    Patient: *whew*

  14. Clive Ellis disse:

    He thinks he’s George Clooney

  15. Grim Reaper (Death) disse:

    If you close your eyes, it sounds like she’s politely torturing someone.

  16. Midàne disse:

    you must never put ads on videos like this😑

  17. Giovanni Rodriguez disse:

    Way to warn him about the gag reflex. The look of death he gave her.

  18. Christopher Schwarz disse:

    4:17 😂😂😂 “okay”

  19. T.Antionette W disse:

    To me, his face at around 6:17, when she uses the tuning fork is like,
    “what type of sorcery is this!?” :)

  20. lobomuerto11 disse:

    really makes it tough to watch asmr videos when they get interrupted by

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