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Mother says drug helps 12-year-old son cope with severe OCD.


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  1. Almestica Red disse:

    No!! What are you thinking?? Don’t give your son marijuana. Take him to the
    doctor so he can be placed on Zanax and other habit forming drugs. It’s
    okay to get high off the meds. Because the doctor prescribe it. We can’t
    have you eating a plant that helps you and gives you a Buzz.

  2. efrain aranda disse:

    plot twist the kid was faking it to get marijuana

  3. Alex N disse:

    I don’t like taking out the trash. my parents are thinking about putting me
    on the weeds.

  4. Jose Medina disse:

    Tf this niggs just wants to get high

  5. Chiyomatsu disse:

    Hey son go put on you fedora and I’ll give you this fat blunt

  6. The Weed Man disse:

    the way he says “Wrote the book on marijuana” I was dying 😂😂💀💀

  7. Ashley Tallman disse:

    drastic ? really I do not believe it!!!!!!!!! what’s drastic about BS like
    this is kids taking butt loads of different pills that can kill…..weed IS

  8. Buy Oreos disse:

    Add me on xbox bro Buy oreos

  9. TS777 disse:

    Concentration problems, anxiety, depression… Isn’t that what the medical
    marijuana is treating? And when he said he thinks that it’s just sedating
    them, and not addressing the underlying issue… Hmm that sounds
    familiar… Oh yeah, THAT’S CHEMICAL PILLS!!!!! That guy has it backwards.

  10. short-gaming-clips disse:

    It makes sense to give the kid with severe OCD and autism marijuana but
    adhd isn’t a very serious disorder

  11. Lammy disse:

    weeds not even a drug you fucking retards it’s an herb

    • RedShift45 disse:

      Drug: a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when
      ingested or otherwise introduced into the body.

      Weed is a drug, and it’s also an herb.

  12. Swagpotatogaming disse:

    wished my sister that has ADHD got prescribed weed

  13. CousinLetsGoBowling disse:

    He’s afraid of the number 6? He shouldn’t listen to Drake.

  14. Luk Skywalker disse:

    this is not treatment, this is far from cure, she is drugging him, the
    effects are not only mostly psychological considering minor but
    accumulative physical damages (specially for a kid) but temporary, would
    you cocaine someone because this person is depressive so you make him or
    her active? if the substances that compose it were extracted and used
    inside conventional medicine that would be OK but she is throwing weed in
    his mouth

  15. brb224 disse:

    weed fixes everything and the people who say other wise are fucking morons

  16. Skateclipss disse:

    Playing mw2

  17. cdm rundown disse:

    this mom is a dumb as hell theres medicine

  18. GracieHaysMusic disse:

    There are so many jokes in the comments…

    You guys have no idea how debilitating this disorder is. I was diagnosed
    with OCD in the third grade, and it made life absolute hell. You have
    thoughts you can’t control, and fears you can’t explain but can’t get rid
    of. Even your body moves with “ticks” that and you can’t control your own
    goddamn body.

    Sure this kid looks like a brat, but you have NO IDEA what is going on in
    his head. You have no idea what issues are controlling his own brain, and
    the turmoil going on with him desperately trying to control it.

    Don’t joke about this disorder if you don’t know what the hell you’re
    talking about, because ABSOLUTELY is a serious condition.

    • Squidney The Squid disse:

      I have obsessive thoughts, hair pulling and skin picking, and I get easily
      addicted to things so I’m never going to start cutting because that will
      get out of control. I also have anxiety which causes most of this, and ADHD
      doesn’t help me focus on stopping or continuing to do homework to stop and
      pick and pull or cleaning my room and when it’s not clean I can get very
      stressed, but I don’t have to motivation to do anything. I can’t open up to
      anyone because I have a wall blocking how I describe things (I have autism
      spectrum disorder as well) it’s very frustrating to me when people say
      things aren’t real or kids are just brats and just UFHFHFHFBFRRH. And
      people always make jokes about at school and it really isn’t funny.
      Especially about depression people always make fun of cutting or say “I’m
      so depressed lol… I’m going to kill myself.” I almost lost my best friend
      to suicide and it is not funny. No mental disorder is funny.

  19. Free Hugs Not Drugs disse:

    when you wish you were that kid….

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