Pelvic Prolapse

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Demo and more details


Demo and more details

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This 3D medical animation depicts how organs in a woman's pelvis can prolapse as a result of weakened pelvic tissues. Cystourethrocele, rectocele, enterocele, and uterine prolapse are portrayed, and appropriate surgical treatments are shown.

Nucleus Medical Media creates medical and scientific visual content for the healthcare, pharma, and medical device industries. Our products include animations, illustrations, and interactive content intended to educate patients and raise health literacy. Nucleus content can be licensed and used in a variety of ways. Ask us about custom work.

Video ID: ANW10008


Demo and more details



  1. Solomon Reed disse:

    This is my favorite science channel, please never stop uploading videos. 

  2. SwordNecessity disse:

    Ow that must hurt

  3. Ibraheem Farqad disse:

    Amazing vedio

  4. da man disse:

    poor vagina
    is always the victim :(

  5. Roger Levy disse:

    i am male how do i know if i have a prolapsed uterus

  6. James Cockerham disse:

    I cringed so hard when the uterus prolapsed

  7. danthemango disse:

    This woman is having all the troubles.

  8. herpsenderpsen disse:

    That moment when you’re giving birth to your own vagina.

  9. Hakeem Hamzah disse:

    awrghhh that looks so muc pain

  10. Shawon Chowdhury disse:

    Thank you..for your great think to learn us such as important thing..I want
    more and more video..

  11. urIIez disse:

    sorry women

  12. DENNS disse:

    I have one question : have you produced material about abdominal bloating

  13. Boris Rivera disse:

    wow this is a really cool channel and I love to learn about all this
    interesting stuff especially because of the animations!

  14. Star and friends disse:

    I’m scared now

  15. Rajeshwar prsadh disse:

    I am a very nice day and time for you and your family are all well with you
    and God bless you

  16. Ceci disse:

    como termine aca?!

  17. Jonatan Jonatan disse:

    Lreanr more scines evry day good luck my friend -*the hospitale was bigine
    since 2006 many scienes

  18. kindom2009 disse:

    Holly guacamole!!

  19. Tamarah Overton disse:

    okay this help a lot i was so confused from that other video i watched

  20. Brett Strongquill disse:

    anybody here from walls fall out…………..

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