Top 10 Medical Myths We All Believe

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Hollywood myths, pseudoscience, and corporations are all to blame for the hundreds of lies about our health.

Find out the truth behind 8 glasses of water, vitamin supplements, and cracking your knuckles, as Alltime 10s prescribes the antitdote for the top 10 medical myths that we all believe.

Music = Spook Capers, by James Brett

Sources: Gizmodo, Forbes, Newsweek, BBC, Tech Times, Scientific American, Born Fitness, Daily Mail, CNN, World Health Organisation, Live Science

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  1. An egg With human emotion disse:

    Wait I’m early here’s a joke

    Donald trump

  2. It Is A Mystery disse:

    “EVERYONE” “65%”

  3. Captain Eggcellent (Gaming Easter Eggs) disse:

    Another myth which is somewhat medical, Chloroform takes up to 7 minutes to
    take effect. Not the usual 5-10 seconds it does in the movies. Don’t ask me
    how I know that…

  4. up and up regular bleach disse:

    1. All diseases can be cured by prayer.

    • Unkindled disse:

      +Kommandant Schlucht Boas die dritte Oh my god😂 did you just use the
      ‘which came first, the egg or the chicken?’ argument. I am baffled by your
      stupidity. Have you even done any research on the Theory of Evolution? Or
      did you dismiss it because it contradicts your petty religious fairy tale?

    • Llama Poop disse:

      +Saucy Primate Evolution (at least for me), doesn’t really oppose my
      religion. I just mix science with religion. And there’s barely a difference.

    • Unkindled disse:

      +Llama Poop Well it depends on your religion; many of the monotheistic
      religious scriptures (mostly of the abrahamic god) explain the origin of
      humans, however some may interpret it metaphorically rather than literally.

    • nothankyouverymuchx disse:

      +PICT[/.]CHAT the tittle says “we all believe”. Not everyone believes
      diseases are cured by prayer, only religious numbnuts.

    • Kevin Oloane disse:

      wtf prayer

  5. Red Rose disse:

    “Vita- Min” why do you pronounce it like that?

  6. TheFallenVolrath disse:

    “We all believe”? At least say most people believe….

    • N2NSnakeyes disse:

      +Basically Comedy Do you even know who fills in the info your looking up on
      wikipedia or that the info can be changed/corrected by anyone at anytime.

    • Basically Comedy disse:

      do you realize that i don’t care? i’m tired of hearing the same old
      bullshit “anyone with a 3rd grade education can edit on there” please i
      have done so much research on this topic. i can confidently tell you
      Wikipedia is by far the most info while being decently accurate on this
      planet. obviously it isn’t perfect but what is these days? all you other
      idiots who disagree with me can piss off. now as for you n2nsnakeyes hope i
      don’t come of as rude to you. i’ve been up for almost 24hrs and i hate
      people who use that excuse on wiki lol.

    • N2NSnakeyes disse:

      +Basically Comedy Nope not at all i do agree with you most of the info on
      wiki is decently accurate. Was really just trying to point out to not rely
      on wiki alone as the only source.

    • Basically Comedy disse:

      thats a fair point i suppose. but its kinda hard not to when wiki has so
      much info on a topic. with many sources linked at the bottom.

    • Queen Cat disse:

      gerund or present participle: generalizing
      make general or broad statement by inferring from specific cases.
      “it is not easy to generalize about the poor”

  7. Alltime10s disse:

    Everyone enjoying the latest video? Let us know what your favourite myth
    was in the comments below!!

  8. MrGbere777 disse:

    But 21°c is cold for someone who lives in the tropics.

  9. Be Amazed disse:

    What about the myth that your penis will grow back if you cut it off….?


  10. Dark Shift Music disse:

    Actually, when you’re cold your body focuses more on keeping you
    warm(shivering, ect) than your immune system, so your ability to resist
    biotics(common cold, viruses, ect) drops. That’s why it’s called a cold,
    damnit. It isn’t a myth, and if you call that an indirect cause, you’re
    still wrong and should rename this to top 9 medical myths. Also, for some
    of these, it sounds like you’re basing a lot of your arguments on one or
    two cases, which is not scientifically sound, and should be looked into
    Sources: medical school(duh)

  11. Mr Savage disse:

    u cant catch a flue every year your body gets imune, you can only catch a
    flue per 4 years

  12. Peet disse:

    Always so funny to hear about the FDA…………..yes they
    regulate……………………but that’s all they do.
    They don’t test anything , they only go with the test results which are
    often done by the ones who manufacture it.
    Talking about getting screwed !

  13. YiFan Tey disse:

    Myth no. 2, we do use only 10% of our brain’s capacity and resources, but
    that does not equal to using 10% of our brain. That explanation is quite

  14. icebatofvalikinRRBZ8 disse:

    Vit, isn’t it a long I sound?

  15. Antonio Jay disse:

    How can I get a bigger penis? I don’t really trust the pills

  16. armorhide406 disse:

    Colds also likely make us more susceptible to being infected, though don’t
    cause the disease

  17. Carl Watson disse:

    Awful Music. Please address this. It sounds like an advert for Alton Towers

  18. Julian Reid disse:

    What you say about vitamin E only applies to Alpha tocopherol vitamin E and
    what you’re not telling people about synthetic vitamin A palmitate is that
    it causes liver damage in excess.

    These studies concerning hyperactivity in children were extremely flawed
    and Splenda is actually sugar with chlorine added. It has been shown to
    cause blood sugar spikes that are twice that of regular sugar. Note it is
    only 40 to 60% absorbable as sugar but it also ferments much faster and has
    been shown to kill beneficial gut bacteria.

    He also failed to mention that injections directly into the carotid artery
    in the neck is a another potentially lethal practice found only in movies
    and television.

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