Traditional marketing vs Digital marketing

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Você sabia que existem profissionais chamados Copywriters que ganham uma grana preta para escrever uma “simples cartinha” dessa?

Tudo numa carta de vendas tem um único objetivo: Te fazer comprar.

Então se você não quer comprar nada que te ajude a melhorar o resultado dos seus negócios, nem quer aprender nada novo, melhor fechar essa página agora. Saiba mais

Traditional marketing vs Digital marketing. Digital marketing training course in India.



  1. Joshua Roberson disse:

    Marketing is marketing and both are still beneficial whether businesses
    turn to digital or stay with the traditional way. The trend of marketing is
    an art as it evolves on its own.

  2. Amith ingalagi disse:

    I think some newbie done this advertisement. 

  3. Philippine Outsourcers disse:

    Either way this did look entertaining, and at the same time, you could
    easily get what it is portraying. I personally think digital marketing is
    the future, its progress in just a few years is extremely fast.

    • Beau Ellison disse:

      so true. By the way I am a full-time marketer on youtube,and I utilize
      youtube for web traffic and this specific video is very useful for me thank
      you very much! I recommend that you go to my channel to learn more
      information about the exact methods i use to bring traffic to my website.
      take care!

  4. Wiener Business Channel disse:

    pitty i dont live in deli…

  5. naresh dhondeti disse:


  6. Vern Evered disse:

    amen to that. Also i want to say that I use youtube to drive traffic to my
    website since i am a full-time youtuber and I find this specific video very
    informative thank you very much. I’d recommend that all of you go to my
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  7. Marc Steffen disse:

    Awesome! Thank You For Sharing :-)

  8. Kimberley Stewart (KimsTag) disse:

    Thanks for sharing #digitalmarketing #passion4digital

  9. Focus Digital Marketing disse:

    Nice video to watch

  10. Glen Dahilan disse:

    great video

  11. Chuimedia disse:

    Great video.You gave a great intro to digital marketing here.

  12. MyI MPlace disse:

    Quite awesome vid.

  13. Simple Smart SEO disse:

    nice one

  14. abdalelah alenazy disse:

    Amazing ideas

  15. Search Infomedia disse:

    thanks for sharing awesome video for marketing v/s #digitalmarketing .!

  16. DEE FILMZ disse:


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