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One eyed baby? Heart beating outside your body? Human body can be scary.

Warning : Contains images which may be disturbing to some people

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10 Bizarre Medical Anomalies – Top10Stuff

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Demo and more details

  1. Arcaze Graphics / Edits Escreveu em 30 de julho de 2014 9:22 pm:

    the baby that had the heart on outside scared me, i feel so sorry for that

    1. arden Escreveu em 15 de setembro de 2014 10:23 pm:

      I found it quite extraordinary, yet very sad…

  2. Jozie MaXine Escreveu em 30 de julho de 2014 10:10 pm:

    I really wish I didn’t let my curiosity get the better of me. It’s so sad.
    My heart goes out to all those people and their families. =( 

    1. Jozie MaXine Escreveu em 13 de novembro de 2014 12:49 am:

      +G Tastyreefer I don’t think so. I think ignorance is dangerous. I guess
      ignorant people are blissfully unaware of how ignorant they are, but that’s
      a shame, in my opinion.

    2. Jozie MaXine Escreveu em 13 de novembro de 2014 1:06 am:

      +G Tastyreefer usually, yes.

    3. Jozie MaXine Escreveu em 13 de novembro de 2014 1:28 am:

      +G Tastyreefer okay, thanks. =)

    4. kkkty Escreveu em 20 de novembro de 2014 2:39 pm:

      You are right . Poor people .

  3. 80sbabytothecore1 Escreveu em 18 de dezembro de 2014 3:04 am:

    The little Indian octopus girl is adorable though, such a cutie.

    1. Wendy Bollen Escreveu em 24 de março de 2015 1:48 am:

      +theguru0550 wow, wow calm your tits man! You could’be put your argument in
      a nicer way, you know.
      Yes I know that this happens most of the time in poor countries and I know
      people will pay money to see her, just like a freak show. But how about
      quality of life? Without those extra limbs life already would/could be hard
      there, but how about now? Walking and just normal things would become more
      difficult as she gets older or maybe she won’t survive at all, knowing that
      these kind of extra limbs could also become parasites of her own body. And
      then again, if you know she would survive without those extra limbs of her
      twin sister, wouldn’t it be worth the try to remove them? I’m not ignorant,
      this is just how I think about it. I choose her quality of life above what
      other people see as some kind of attraction or sideshow, regardless of
      their believes, but clearly I’m not allowed to have an opinion.

    2. AlfaBetaGamma Escreveu em 29 de março de 2015 11:26 am:

      +80sbabytothecore1 also africans as you are cutie to see 🙂

    3. Marie Keita Escreveu em 20 de abril de 2015 8:35 pm:

      +AlfaBetaGamma why are you so offended? because he simply complement the

    4. Poemas Historias Poems Stories Escreveu em 12 de junho de 2015 12:01 am:

      +AlfaBetaGamma hummmm seems to me you didnt go to school, does geography
      sound familiar? Lets see, he speaks english….his black, i dont think he
      was born in África but yet you tried to be racist….see theres a
      difference on how he said indian girl, versus you saying African as an
      Please, what are you gonna Call me spanish girl?/lol dont get offended so

    5. 80sbabytothecore1 Escreveu em 14 de junho de 2015 8:03 am:

      If I’m not mistaken I think that +AlfaBetaGamma was implying that I’m cute.
      If that is the case then thanks, if not then whatever.

  4. naomie adair Escreveu em 4 de janeiro de 2015 3:53 am:

    Please don’t anybody get mad when I say this….but, I think Quazimoto had
    Proteus Syndrome. He was hunchbacked, & his face had a lot of the sane
    characteristics of the man in this video. Quazimoto was fictional, I know,
    but it’s an old tale that might have been based on a person the author had
    seen or known.

    1. John Doe Escreveu em 24 de janeiro de 2015 6:04 am:

      What’s your take on Egor?

    2. JUNKY Escreveu em 15 de fevereiro de 2015 1:40 am:

      +John Doe
      egor was just a feminist.

    3. Lagartija Nix 777 Escreveu em 10 de dezembro de 2015 4:11 pm:

      +naomie adair I think you might mean Quasimodo as in The Hunchback of Notre
      Dame. Have you ever fell asleep watching you tube and wake up a couple
      hours later with something incredibly gross and different on the screen
      than what you were watching when you fell asleep? It’s like Saw… I don’t
      know how I got here.

    4. Lagartija Nix 777 Escreveu em 10 de dezembro de 2015 7:41 pm:

      I think I like your way better!

  5. Modestas Kaminskas Escreveu em 31 de janeiro de 2015 12:02 pm:

    1:54 the cutest thing i ever seen. Mmmmm….

    1. Daniel Cheval- Blanc Escreveu em 16 de julho de 2015 8:55 pm:

      +Modestas Kaminskas yu are just crazy

  6. Fuseauhoraire Escreveu em 5 de março de 2015 11:00 am:

    Think about what USA have done in Iraq with uranium !!!!

  7. anne stone Escreveu em 5 de setembro de 2015 5:36 pm:

    that is a heartbreaking video. i shall stop moaning at trivial things.

  8. Eloise Escreveu em 13 de setembro de 2015 7:46 am:

    My heart broke a thousand times.

  9. Caleb Rameka Escreveu em 16 de setembro de 2015 11:52 pm:

    if god does exist, why does he let this happen to people ?

    1. biggee316 Escreveu em 6 de outubro de 2015 12:35 am:

      +Caleb Rameka There are a million reasons why God does the things he
      does… One of them may be to let other people know how lucky and fortunate
      they are, to be able to wake up, brush their teeth and go to work or school
      without a second thought… It’s a hidden message to all of us, to make us
      think twice when we complain about a bad hair day, or a pimple on our nose,
      or a bad pedicure… THAT is why… Everything in this world and the
      universes around it… has a planned purpose, my friend… even your post.

    2. realhiphopdotcom Escreveu em 26 de maio de 2016 5:51 pm:

      +biggee316 bs.

  10. Blues Clues Escreveu em 12 de outubro de 2015 11:47 pm:

    Sorry but all are so ugly

  11. TheYamiRanshiin Escreveu em 2 de novembro de 2015 12:47 pm:

    Wenn man da manche Sachen ansieht kann man froh sein, “normal” Geboren
    worden zu sein. Gut dass das Video so gemacht wurde, um auf diese
    genetischen Anomalien aufmerksam zu machen und Eckdaten zu geben und sie
    nicht einfach als “Monster” abzustempeln. Ich glaube wegen solchen
    Krankheiten galten wohl viele eben als diese

  12. ૐ Reisbär ૐ Escreveu em 29 de novembro de 2015 6:16 pm:

    Kill it, before it lay eggs…

  13. eddie corbette Escreveu em 21 de dezembro de 2015 5:26 am:

    Damn smh.

  14. tacrae Escreveu em 26 de janeiro de 2016 12:27 am:

    top ten NOPEs.

  15. Jaspe Mukwati Escreveu em 25 de fevereiro de 2016 5:24 pm:

    You guys better thank God (jesus) for you look!

  16. DonkeyFilms Escreveu em 16 de junho de 2016 2:42 am:

    The cyclops baby looks pretty neat actually

  17. Morsd Dndnd Escreveu em 26 de agosto de 2016 4:14 pm:

    mr. Marsh

  18. Fancy Muffin Escreveu em 30 de agosto de 2016 11:07 pm:

    guys your all beautiful handsome and awesome♡♥♡much love to all

    1. Jonathon Roberts Escreveu em 21 de setembro de 2016 3:09 pm:

      No they are not!! They are deformed mutants and vile creatures!!