Severe Facial Trauma Shotgun Wound GRAPHIC MEDICAL SCENE

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Self inflicted shotgun wound to the face. Barrel of the gun was under the chin and the blast traveled up and forward.

All structures below the orbital floors are disrupted. The mandible, maxilla, palate and zygomas are missing and the soft tissue is severely compromised as is the airway. He was conscious and breathing on his own. He was transported by paramedics in the helicopter face down since had he been on his back the damaged facial tissue would have fallen back into his airway in addition to blood draining into the airway.

The posterior 1/3 of the tongue was visible on laryngoscopy providing a guide for locating the trachea for intubation. The patient required significant and numerous plastic surgeries and was discharged home after some weeks.

No brain or large neck vessel involvement. Both eyes were intact and he retained his vision. His vocal cords and larynx were also intact and speech was regained. The jaw was reconstructed with bone graft, skin grafts and muscle flaps, as was the nose.

9/2/13 UPDATE: There have been many comments on this video to the effect that the patient should have been "allowed to die" especially because this was a suicide attempt. Some have called the health professionals derogatory names and characterized them as "cruel" and worse.

First, a general comment. All patients are given the same quality of care, the same "standard of care" regardless of the cause of their illness or injury. Health care professionals are not there to judge individuals and/or their lives and then provide care according to some bias. To suggest suicide attempt patients should not receive full appropriate medical treatment is absurd, thoughtless and not part of civilized society.

Specifically regarding this patient, he was awake and alert on arrival and breathing on his own. He was not, in fact, dying. He was not bleeding to death. There were no major blood vessels that were damaged. Without ANY treatment he would have lived for a number of days (3-5 likely) until he slowly and painfully died from either a massive infection, severe swelling and occlusion of the airway (suffocated) or of dehydration. He would have been conscious the entire time.

He received multiple re-constructive surgeries both before and after he returned home. He did not go on to attempt or commit suicide for the 2 years of follow up we have knowledge of.

UPDATE 6/10/15 Since comments expressing the belief that the patient should have been "left to die" or even euthanized continue accompanied by opinions on the resultant quality of life and his willingness to die, I present this quote from a medical journal article about these very patients:

"The treatment {of attempted suicide shotgun wounds to the face} is rewarding, and the results are surprisingly good. It is extremely unusual for patients with self-inflicted gunshot injuries to reattempt suicide. Clinics in Plastic Surgery 2001


Demo and more details

  1. medicvideo Escreveu em 10 de junho de 2015 9:06 pm:

    To those who think the patient should have been left to die or even
    euthanized, first read the description of the video. Then at the link below
    you will find “The treatment {for self inflicted shotgun wounds to the
    face} is rewarding, and the results are surprisingly good. It is extremely
    unusual for patients with self-inflicted gunshot injuries to reattempt
    suicide.” Clinics in Plastic Surgery 2001

    1. Blade Ponds Escreveu em 25 de julho de 2016 2:07 pm:


      Yea I like a little irony, clearly if that guy was driven to do that to his
      face in a suicide attempt he was in a difficult spot in his life. Probably
      more difficult than that what is worth going through.

      So anyone saying that he deserves that has automatically lost their human
      rights in my eyes, because “people” don’t talk or even think that way about
      suicidal individuals.

      I repeat, anyone who is thinking that way is not a person. Or a animal for
      that matter, good lord even animals have more humanity than this.

    2. pustulio81 Escreveu em 25 de julho de 2016 6:55 pm:

      +J0ZZE123 You have no idea what the argument is even about, do you lol

    3. MusketeerinFlorida Escreveu em 16 de agosto de 2016 1:50 pm:

      So if something is painful enough, they can learn?

    4. Robert DiGiulio Escreveu em 16 de setembro de 2016 1:37 am:

      Let’s see this guy now

  2. TheProfessor Fate Escreveu em 24 de agosto de 2015 9:49 am:

    The depravity of modern medicine

    1. TheProfessor Fate Escreveu em 26 de setembro de 2016 2:24 pm:

      +professional troll hunter Society will determine your “beauty”.

    2. TheProfessor Fate Escreveu em 26 de setembro de 2016 6:53 pm:

      +professional troll hunter You contacted me , not the other way around. Go
      use that ugly face of yours to scare some children.

    3. professional troll hunter Escreveu em 27 de setembro de 2016 10:08 am:

      +TheProfessor Fate

      You chose (of your own free will) to type out a comment that degrades
      others simply for looking “different” after life-saving surgery, so no, I
      won’t “go use that ugly face of mine to scare some children”.

    4. TheProfessor Fate Escreveu em 27 de setembro de 2016 10:27 am:

      +professional troll hunter I’m not degrading them, I’m simply stating they
      will be degraded. The fact they’re ugly , mutant looking motherfuckers
      doesn’t mean I won’t like them or associate with them. Not everyone can be
      beautiful(like me). Now go practice for Halloween. All you have to do is
      wake up and walk the streets.

  3. Mike T Escreveu em 1 de outubro de 2015 2:17 am:

    I love it!
    Guy gets what he gets AND gets to live with it …

    1. Evelyn Fair Escreveu em 18 de julho de 2016 6:14 am:

      +Blade Ponds OK, that’s quite enough. You may not like someone or agree
      with their beliefs, but you have no right to tell anyone that they’re going
      to hell. You have proven my point about so-called “Christians”. Remember
      this one “Judge not lest ye be judged.” or perhaps “Let he who is without
      sin cast the first stone.”? If you are so easy to rant and rave on here
      about different people going to hell, I can not imagine what you must be
      like in person. Please stop casting stones and really learn what Jesus and
      God are really about. Jesus and God are love…

    2. Blade Ponds Escreveu em 18 de julho de 2016 8:16 am:

      +Evelyn Fair​​

      Free speech, and just so you know I’m not usually like this. I tend to be
      much more reasonable, when someone like this guy isnt so stubborn.

      Besides, it’s true. As long as he believes such a delusion he really is
      going to hell. He’s on his way there at least.

    3. Blade Ponds Escreveu em 18 de julho de 2016 11:04 am:

      +Bob Willis

      God isn’t rational, he doesn’t work like us people do. And thinking someone
      like God is make believe all because you can’t understand him isn’t just
      more irrational and ignorant, it’s plain stupid.

    4. Blade Ponds Escreveu em 18 de julho de 2016 11:12 am:

      +Evelyn Fair

      And I do not use the word of God to hurt people, I’m just being brutality
      honest. To tell you the truth it is kinda foolish for you to call me a fake
      Christian just because I said something you personally find hurtful.

      If I went to a dead soildiers funeral (who happened to be gay) and said
      anything along the lines of “God hates you” or “Your going to hell for
      being gay” THEN you’ll have business calling me a fake Christian.

  4. fabio eira Escreveu em 1 de outubro de 2015 5:26 pm:

    Is there an aftermath photo anywhere? 

    1. medicvideo Escreveu em 2 de outubro de 2015 12:28 pm:

      +fabio eira No.

    2. Lana Varmatos-Carpenter Escreveu em 26 de julho de 2016 1:12 pm:

      Yes online

    3. Benjamin Igwe Escreveu em 6 de agosto de 2016 6:40 am:

      +Lana Varmatos-Carpenter can you put a link up to this photograph?

  5. Angela Smith Escreveu em 22 de janeiro de 2016 12:41 am:

    I am astonished at the lack of human compassion by the commenters, it’s so
    easy to judge from an anonymous position.

    1. Joshua Clemons Escreveu em 16 de junho de 2016 10:42 pm:

      The description was just a sentence chief…no I didn’t have audio on, in
      case it was said in the video…but the description was the one I quoted in
      my original response to you. Also, still funny that you are all pissed off.

    2. Penny Harvey Escreveu em 5 de julho de 2016 7:01 am:

      Well said.

    3. magic xoxo Escreveu em 29 de julho de 2016 4:43 pm:


    4. John Stone Escreveu em 3 de agosto de 2016 11:35 pm:

      I agree with you !

    5. Skg G Escreveu em 11 de setembro de 2016 2:32 pm:

      People are wired to do this type of lack of consideration. Sad but true.

  6. Timothy O'Brien Escreveu em 10 de maio de 2016 1:31 am:

    I really don’t think I’d want them to save me.

    1. Abdul Waras Escreveu em 12 de julho de 2016 3:42 am:

      No sir coz a group of strangers decided not to give up on you

    2. Hawkeye Airwolf Escreveu em 11 de setembro de 2016 6:02 am:

      You better get that tattooed on the back of your neck and the top of your
      chest because it’s not like the responders have a copy of your will.

  7. Walter Shmitty Escreveu em 7 de junho de 2016 2:55 pm:

    What kind of potato was this filmed with?

    1. Cock of Gold Army Escreveu em 19 de junho de 2016 12:22 am:

      a french fry?

    2. pustulio81 Escreveu em 28 de junho de 2016 11:14 pm:

      +My Name Shoddy “French” electronics :/

    3. Mike Desj Escreveu em 11 de julho de 2016 1:29 am:


  8. Mike B Escreveu em 11 de junho de 2016 5:41 pm:

    If it wasn’t for the Doctor and Medical personnel he surely would have
    died! This is a testament to how good the medical community is nowadays!
    None of you should be saying anything derogatory towards them because for
    all you know someday, you could end up needing them to save your life if
    something bad happens to you, car accident, robbed or just plain shot by
    someone for nothing. You won’t think they are all the derogatory crap you
    said then will you?!

    1. Emøtiønal Jøseph Escreveu em 14 de junho de 2016 6:11 pm:

      Well said

  9. El Salmón Asesino Escreveu em 29 de junho de 2016 3:58 pm:

    doctors who save his live they are all heroes

    1. Skg G Escreveu em 11 de setembro de 2016 2:20 pm:


  10. Just Wazz Escreveu em 22 de agosto de 2016 1:52 am:

    Oh my heavens Ive never seen such a terrible sight . I feel so bad for this
    young man.. I think those who attended to his wounds did a great job
    considering what they had to deal with and they are there to save lives .
    Just sad .. ya know .. sad.

  11. Dave Steadman Escreveu em 24 de agosto de 2016 11:23 pm:

    So the guy was obviously depressed enough to kill himself. I wonder how
    depressed he was when he woke up and looked in the mirror. Not being
    flippant, just practical. Shouldn’t we respect a person’s wish to die if
    they really don’t want to participate anymore? It wan’t fair to interfere
    with this guy’s wishes.

    1. Fobidir Escreveu em 14 de setembro de 2016 1:25 am:

      True, but if it were my friend who wanted to kill himself which I have two
      friends who talk about it one is semi-sort of serious but he did try to
      commit suicide 8 plus years before I met him but now he just jokes about
      his experience I don’t know if it helps him cope or what but it pissed me
      off when he says “can I go die in a hole now” I just want punch him in the
      face and knock a whole lot of sense into him. The other has depression but
      so far hasn’t really wanted to kill himself but he does cut not often and I
      worry about him sometimes. Even though he’s obsessed with me it doesn’t
      bother me when he tells me stuff that is stalker status because I’m
      prepared if he ever tried for rape me or do anything sexual with me I would
      choke him of put him in a submissive move to make him stop permanently. I
      can handle both of them, it’s just the first guy with who jokes about
      killing himself I really wish he would stop because I take suicide
      extremely serious to the point I would break their bones to prevent them
      from moving if it came to that state.

  12. Japhet Anciado Escreveu em 16 de setembro de 2016 7:27 am:

    Thank God he is alive. Lucky man

  13. Jason Colley Escreveu em 20 de setembro de 2016 6:28 pm:

    Is it me? Or does it sound like some people are laughing at times?

  14. VEGASGIRL Escreveu em 25 de setembro de 2016 3:06 pm:

    Love to see and hear from this lucky guy what were the circumstances? did
    he try suicide? or was this a attempted murder? any updae info?

  15. VEGASGIRL Escreveu em 25 de setembro de 2016 3:11 pm:


  16. Patrick Rodgers Escreveu em 26 de setembro de 2016 2:42 am:

    Did they only film this part or did they capture the whole procedure?

  17. Ginger Peters Escreveu em 26 de setembro de 2016 3:09 am:

    I must ask a silly question…did anyone bother to ask him why he did it