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The Best VPS Host For Newbies 

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I like to try different hosting services and identify the pros and cons of each. I was a few years in Dreamhost (which do not recommend if you need performance), then a few more years at Linode, then Amazon AWS and now, I am using the Digital Ocean for some projects.
There are two things that drew attention in Digital Ocean, is the first to offer SSDs at all levels, even the most simple. The second is the price and more aware that its main competitor, Linode.
Plans start at $ 5.00 / month and you can even choose plans per hour, very useful if you need resources for a short time (compile packages, making application testing, etc.).

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vps hosting – InterServer – Cheap Hosting and VPS
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Best InterServer offers a wide selection of hosting services including shared hosting plans, Cloud VPS hosting, and dedicated server hosting solutions. InterServer is known for having the best and some of the cheapest VPS prices around. There are many customization options for its VPS hosting plans. There are 16 plans for cloud VPS hosting, and each one you can further customize to fit your hosting needs.

Vps and web hosting USA

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